Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Non-Profit Resource List

There are many cheap but effective ways for non profits to implement their marketing strategies efficiently. The following is a list of online marketing resources; some are free and others cost a small fee though all help give non profits a voice in the market.

  • is working to encourage philanthropy as a business strategy. They have implemented a free checkout system that allows non-profits to use this free system to secure donations through the charity website. This free checkout system allows easy log in and makes giving simple for donors worldwide!
  • gives non profits a forum for their voice through their Nonprofit Program. Now partnered with Google, the free checkout system can also be applied to an organizations uploaded videos. YouTube even provides a tip sheet that teaches non profits how to effectively use the website to help their cause.

  • is a website dedicated to "democracy in action." This non-profit organization helps other non-profits lobby for political change by bringing both small and large organizations together from across the country. The organization provides software that helps ease the complications of lobbying.
  • provides a great learning center on technology for non-profit organizations. Registered members can also use TechSoup to download or purchase discounted computer software and hardware that has been donated to the organization.
  • allows users to access fonts, shareware, freeware, drivers and demos for every product you might need for your organization. This website is a great test run for organizations that are looking to invest in computer software but would like to sample the product first.
  • is a non-profit organization that provides consulting services for other non-profits.

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