Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big Non-profit, Little City

The American Cancer Society has said goodbye to their current advertising agency TG Madison, based in Atlanta. Ranked 11th in revenue for 2006 by the Non Profit Times with an income of $1,037,680,000, the American Cancer Society has chosen the Richmond based Martin Agency to handle the strategic planning, creative development, and media buying for the non-profit. Brodeur Partners, based in Boston, will handle the societies public relations. The account is worth $20 million in the first year, and will be divided between the two agencies, though the exact amounts have not been released.

National Vice President of corporate communications for the American Cancer Society, Greg Donaldson said, “Sadly, times change and so does the nonprofit landscape. On the end we chose to take our brand in a radically different direction.” This change is coming in the company’s aggressiveness when competing for donations; a problem the society hopes Martin will help change.

The Martin Agency is well known for its work with UPS and what can brown do for you? campaign, as well as Geico insurance (both the gecko and caveman were from Martin). The agency had also done previous non-profit work for the Alliance for Climate Protection and The ONE Campaign.

Though the Martin Agency is being paid a very nice sum of money for the account, it is exciting to see such a large non-profit corporation bring its advertising to Richmond.

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